Tamara Green

Tamara Green

Media Director

Math lovers don't like to leave anything to chance. That's why Tamara Green likes baking (where exact measurements meet chemistry) and the media side of advertising. "Two plus two always equals four," she said. Her career spans 20 years, five agencies and one television station in Jacksonville, Fla. Her need for order, however clashes with her fascination with fantasy novels – or as she describes it, "my geekdom." Tamara is more than a graduate of Oklahoma State University, her family is part of the school's history. Her grandfather was the first to be inducted into Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and a charter member of the university's Hall of Fame; and her grandmother was the first woman editor of the school newspaper. The whole family lives and breathes orange, especially on any game day. Her three cats – JD, Charley and Sarah – however, are predictably indifferent fans.

Current Clients:
All AcrobatAnt clients

Previous Clients:
Wendy's, Bordens, FritoLay, Kentucky Fried Chicken, OG&E, Oklahoma Tourism, SunCruz Casinos, Citrus Memorial Hospital, Express Tax, Ford Dealer FDAFs, Dillard's, Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce (Fl), Jacksonville Jaguars, Mayo Healthplan

Phone: (918) 938-8520