We're the Ants


We're in the business of creating people-to-people communications that get the job done. Sending the right message to the right person at the right time through the right medium. We're story tellers and need fillers – all rolled into one happy colony.


In 1997, two guys and a good idea started Fireant, the feisty little agency that could. And soon did. Fast forward through several name changes and ownerships to 2008. That's when members of the original group reclaimed their independence and "ant" roots as AcrobatAnt. And through very tricky economic times, we've continued to add new accounts to our client list and more Ants to the colony.


Our original philosophy still applies: Good people doing good work for good clients. Sounds simple, we know. But when colleagues and counterparts like each other, good ideas flow, and business booms. As it turns out, mutual respect is a money maker.


By nature, Ants function as a united group, with the innate ability to solve complex problems. We're a full-service, integrated marketing agency, focusing on anything that falls under the banners of strategic planning, brand development, advertising, digital and media.