Meet the Ants—Kelly Fiddner


You ran a marathon in Paris? Tell us about that experience.

I’m an absolute Francophile, so being in Paris was like visiting the mother ship. There’s nothing like meandering through the different arrondissements. Incroyable! You have the road to yourself, 40,000 other runners and thousands of Parisians cheering you on. Running next to the Seine? A dream come true!


What did you do as a teen that you hope Mia doesn’t do?

I was incredibly shy and not confident when I was young, so probably my biggest wish for her is to be confident in the choices she makes and in the woman she will become.


When did the obsession with recycling and living green start?

Being mindful of the things and people around me has been an evolution. I totally missed the whole hippie culture, so I’ve labeled myself a 21st century hippie chick. I’d give anything to live in northern California, own an organic farm or vineyard, do yoga and surf every day.


What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in healthcare marketing in the last 12 months?

A true interest in digital marketing. And it’s about time!


How do you decide what to feature in the healthcare blog?

Healthcare marketing departments have so many irons in the fire and so many internal and external parties to satisfy. In, I try to pinpoint their struggles from 30 feet and from 30,000 feet, finding smart solutions to make their lives easier.


How do you develop a content strategy?

I start by asking “why,” as in, “Why are we in business?” If we can answer that, the “what” or the content strategy will unfold.


Describe the shift from push advertising to pull advertising.

I equate push advertising to using a megaphone to talk to your audience. It’s a one-way monologue with one purpose—to sell product. Pull advertising is a completely different mindset. To pull an audience in, you have to compel them; and to compel them, you have to know them.


What’s the difference between content marketing and brand journalism?

Custom content leverages an organization’s intellectual property collectively to provide value, help and resources to its audiences. Brand journalism leverages current events and news by hijacking it and creating relevant brand content around it. Great content marketers do both.


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