It was a dark and stormy “Night at the Ant Hill” …

when AcrobatAnt hosted its first Halloween bash. The committee had been decorating for weeks — 98 percent of the ghosts, skeletons, witches, pumpkins, spiders, zombies, coffins, candelabras, lights, gravestones, etc. came from Diane (we all want to see the “attic” where these treasures live the other 11 months of the year).

Lots of food, lots more to drink and even a fortune teller who crystal-balled future issues for everyone who waited in line. Costumes ranged from screamy scary to nicely nerdy to seriously sexy to really-who-thought-of-that. See the pix or tag yourself at and watch our spooky Night at the Ant Hill video.

And, just so you know, all this could only happen in one of Tulsa’s top 10 haunted buildings. Do you see dead people? Read about Billy, our own personal spirit who spooks the halls of what used to be Bellville School and are now our humble office quarters.

“Sexiest” Costume: Diane, the blood sucking vampire. Who’s lovin’ those red eyes?
“Funniest” and “Best Overall” Costume: Dell, Mr. T. Guess how many pounds of bling?
“Most Original” Costume: Coop, the Mad Hatter. Where have you seen a Madder Hatter?
“Scariest” Costume: Jinni & Derrick, wife/hubby zombies. Which one makes you scream?

Invitation: Designed by Will Skaggs – Art Director at AcrobatAnt

Partners share a learning experience.

As the colony expands—in size, personnel, clients, billings—we want to make sure we keep growing pains to a minimum, so we’ve employed the services of Second Wind to help us go from small agency to medium-size agency. A few weeks ago, three of our five managing partners jetted to the Windy City to attend to the company’s Agency Traffic, Daily Workflow, Operations and Financial Seminar. They came back with more ideas than we can deploy all at once, so we’re starting with just a few ideas to make our time more productive. Stay tuned to see how we’re making giant steps toward better management. “Like” our Facebook page to see more pictures from this experience.

All dressed up with someplace to go.

The Ants are looking forward to “A Night of Elegant Nostalgia” at the sixth annual Painted Pony Ball, benefiting The Children’s Hospital Foundation at Saint Francis.

We’re breaking out the long gloves, white dinner jackets, skinny ties and pearls for an evening of cocktail reception, dinner, live auction and live entertainment by former cast members of “The Jersey Boys” on Broadway.

It’ll be a rockin’ night, benefiting one of our favorite and longstanding clients. Watch for photos so you can see us all glitzed and glammed.
Painted Pony Ball

You have 8 seconds…

At a recent lunch-and-learn session, the Ants and their Mazzio’s pizzas gathered in the conference room for a lesson from professors/art
directors Chance Walentiny and Jinni Giltner. The topic was effective outdoor boards, and some of the highlights/tips included:

Tip #1: Simplicity rules. A successful billboard has 3 main components:

1. Compelling image/photo
2. Unique, benefit-laden, emotionally charged headline
3. Logo/contact info

Less is more; more is clutter…

Tip #2: Use BIG font sizes.

1. Aids readability at greater distances
2. Gives viewers more time to process your message
3. Adds life to your message

Remember, your audience is zipping by at 55+mph…

Tip #3: Outstanding photography.

1. High-resolution images (300 DPI minimum) are a must
2. Leverage that huge scale to make a BIG visual splash

One central image that’s 25 inches wide is worth more than five dinky images…

Tip #4: Laser focus on 1 key objective.

You have a few seconds to convey your message

1. No time to list multiple features
2. No time for all-inclusive contact info

What do you want the viewer to do/remember?

Tip #5: Take it for a test drive.

1. Show your design layout to someone for 5-10 seconds
2. Simulate a drive-by viewing (make it move)
3. Is the message readable? Understandable?

It’s a poster, not a novel…

Tip #6: Be bold, courageous and daring.

1. No one remembers dull
2. No one remembers cluttered

Make your point memorable…

Graphic Artist has a flair for sports

With college football right around the corner, we thought it only fitting to mention the newest member of the Ant Farm, our resident Fantasy Football organizer,  Dell Chambers.

Dell (right) meets Darren McFadden, 2008

Dell is a native Tulsan who like many from this great state played sports for most of his life. His love of sports growing up was coupled by his love of visual arts, leading him to earn a degree in graphic arts.

With a unique sense of what makes an athlete great, Dell transforms his strong attention to detail and insight into amazing hand-illustrated portraits.

Recently, Dell donated his work to The Color of Hope Gala in Arkansas and all proceeds were donated to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Dell’s Portrait was auctioned for $5,000.

Congratulations, Dell, you make a fine Ant and good luck with this year’s Fantasy Football League!

Are you a sports fan? Check out Dell’s work!

A physician ad is kind of like a first date…

1)      Bring Flowers

  • Potential patients will respond best to the mention of patient benefits. They want to know you are thinking of them.

2)      Don’t talk about yourself the whole time.

  • Our focus should be on the patient. Focusing on how the doctor can help the patient is a much more effective tactic than highlighting the doctor’s CV alone.
  • Unless the doctor has a spectacularly impressive background from a well-known medical institution (e.g. Johns Hopkins or Cleveland Clinic) it may be more valuable to say that they care about patients/provide a valuable service vs. where the doctor went to school.

3)      Look your best.

  • Physician photos are a first impression. Whenever possible, they should be professional quality with backgrounds in lighter colors.
  • Doctor’s clothing should be clean, neat and pressed. Not like they have been in the OR all night! Make sure ties are straight for the men and no flyaway hair for the ladies.

4)      Don’t crowd.

  • Don’t overdo the copy. Sometimes we end up saying nothing because we are trying to say everything. A little mystery (aka white space) can really put the reader at ease and keep them engaged longer than an ad crowded with too much copy.

5)      I had a great time. Can we do this again next week?  

  • Strong calls to action such as patient seminars and “call for an appointment” are important. Our ultimate goal is to get the reader to take action. It is important to let them know a specific thing we want them to do.

by Shannon O’Connell

Searching for a SEM Strategy?

Spending money isn’t a goal.

“I have $X to spend in the next 30 days on SEM, let’s spend it.” “I budgeted $X for the month and it isn’t being spent. I need more clicks.”

Spending money for the sake of spending money is not a sound SEM strategy. Getting people to click an ad is not difficult. Bids can be increased to raise the ad position. Additional keywords can be added to increase the likelihood of impressions. However, adding less relevant keywords also means that searchers and clicks are less relevant to the product or service.

Buckets of money don’t guarantee an effective SEM campaign. They guarantee only that money is being spent.

Download a SEM White Paper from us today. Contact AcrobatAnt to plan a smarter way to meet your goals and spend your marketing budget wisely.

Ants travel to the Windy City!

What does AcrobatAnt and Chicago have in common? Only the best Dental Hygiene event in the nation. RDH Under One Roof is an action-packed three day event offering quality dental hygiene continuing education.

This year dental professionals converged in downtown Chicago, to learn cutting – edge technology and techniques from premier speakers in the industry.

As the agency of choice, Internet Presence Management (IPM) team members Cynthia Townsend and Gina Holloway, provided on-site social media marketing for the PennWell Event – RDH Under One Roof.

AcrobatAnt provided conference attendees and exhibitors with interaction and connectivity throughout the three day event via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. AcrobatAnt handles the event’s IPM throughout the year before, during and after the event.

Check out RDH Under One Roof on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.