Warm weather has returned to Ant land…

The Ants are so happy that warm weather has returned to Tulsa.

Exciting news is happening in Ant land every week now so stay tuned as we announce new clients and exciting partnerships in the coming weeks.

Everyone is working hard and pushing our name out there on every Internet source and the local street corners. Our name AcrobatAnt has been a hit to everyone that hears it… they all say it is “different, but we like it”.

Still cold and nasty in Tulsa!

One good thing about it being bad out… you get more actual work completed. The Ants are all busy today and doing some great work for the great clients we have. HS2 loved the designs that were presented to them this morning. All of the design comps were great… of course they can only have one design per the home page.

We have a winner and one to move forward with…

Everyone else is working on client materials from their homes today. Maybe the icy weather will spark different creativity then being locked in the office all day.

Happy 2009!

“The new year brings us great ideas and the vision of a better year than 2008…”

So what are the Ants up to?

Danny, Chance and Bryan are working on designs for the web site. They also continue to refine the logo and the look of AcrobatAnt. It is so much fun to be around the buzz of a new company, even though we are old souls who have worked and played together for a decade. Everyone is feeling the warmth of old friends but the absolute dizziness of a new company is so refreshing after some of the corporate stuffiness the Ants have been in for years.

Eric has been busy working with Danny and Jane on defining who we are and how that message gets told to the world. Hint: Look for exciting news in the near future.

Diane, Angela and others are busy working on being everything to everybody… but that is part of the fun of a new thing. You control your own destiny! We love that part.

Have you tried Twitter?

On the surface it is nothing special and not very impressive from a design perspective… but it is addictive. The little thing called Twitter is fun and can get to be a novel way to keep up with friends and family. At first we thought email was the “thing”, then along came IM (Instant Messaging) and now tools like blogs, Twitter, etc. are totally changing how we think of online tools and what we refer to as social marketing.

Give it a try… you might like it.

You can follow the Ants in there everyday world here… AcrobatAnt Twits

Web 2.0? What is that?

Is Web 2.0 really just about social media? It is really about tools that connect companies to people. It is also about people talking back, in a big way, to companies. It is really more than that though. It is helping companies get stronger by actually interacting with their consumers. Social media is really about people connecting with people.

Social media is made possible by Web 2.0 tools such as blogging, podcasting, social networks (MySpace, Facebook), micro-blogging (Twitter) and then there is the user-generated content sites (YouTube, Flickr) – but this also means that you’re no longer the only message sender online any more. Your clients and customers are finding out that they have a voice online and they are using it.

Does your company wants to succeed in social media marketing? Then you should prepare your company to be ready to change the way they listen to customers, how they talk with them and measure the interactions with them. The social media revolution hasn’t taken over the world yet, but the crowds are gathering online and they have a huge voice and impact.

The AcrobatAnt Christmas Party

The “Ants” were celebrating being together as a great new company for the holidays. Danny and Meredith were gracious enough to have all the ants at their house for the party. It was a wonderful and warm time to be with friends and family. Great time had by all… Check it out.

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This video was compiled of photos taken at the party and the video was created by our friends at Animoto… You should check them out as well.

AcrobatAnt at the Painted Pony Ball – 2008

We ran into lot’s of old friends and connected with new ones. The Painted Pony Ball supports the Children’s Hospital Foundation at Saint Francis. It is a western themed ball that was a lot of fun for all of the ants that attended. The auction, gambling tables and the live longhorn steer were great props that added great atmosphere to the event. Red Steagall played some great country music. Hanson finished out the music that night with a rocking concert for the crowd. A great event, wonderful friends and great fun had by all at the Painted Pony Ball.

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This video was compiled of photos taken at the party and the video was created by our friends at Animoto… You should check them out as well.

The Holidays are almost here!

It seems that 2008 just started and now it is coming to an end… I believe the ants are ready for the holidays and are looking forward to 2009. Even with a down economy there are things to look forward to.

Everyone will be forced to be smarter and work harder in ’09. That is just a given in these times. The main thing is don’t listen to every little piece of bad news. Try and think of the best ways to use your time and efforts to better yourself and those around you. Whether that is family, friends or co-workers the idea is to help yourself and pass those good things to others.

I read this article today – Watchwords for 2009: “Angels” and “bootstraps” It was interesting and a great article that really brought home some of the feelings of being a small company again.

What people should not lose sight of is that recessions should not be times of “self destruction,” and while the gloom and doom tends to dominate the headlines. Smarter business’s will come up with great alternatives and new opportunities will show up as we seek new ways to grow. Old school thinking and the “way it has always been done” proverb will lead those companies that are resistant to change to go off course and drift into self destruction and mediocrity.

On a good note, recessions end. We all know that they end and when this one does, you should be ready to spring forward and not lose sight of the great ideas that led you forward when times were bad. Look for talented people as other companies cut them loose or push them into looking for other work. Look for ways to cut expenses without sacrificing quality. Look for new ways to push your self and your business forward. That is what makes great companies in bad times, as well as good times.