Ant Q&A: Amy Smith

Amy Smith
Senior Interactive Designer

SeriousAmyHow would you describe your job? 

I specialize in design and front end development of websites, email campaigns and online ads.

How did you get into online work? What was the attraction?

I started writing HTML when I was 12. I got my first AOL screen name when I was 9. I figured out how to set up a profile with my name and basic information, and how to put basic HTML tags in the profile to style it, change colors, etc. Then, I was like, “Oh, this is how whole websites are built!” I wish I could remember the website I went to to teach myself. It was a site that was geared toward teaching kids code—built by another kid. And that’s where I started.

What do you wish every client knew about online?

Clients have recently been requesting WordPress specifically as a CMS (content management system). Usually, WordPress is fine, but when we talk to clients, we realize WordPress isn’t always the best option for their site. Rather than requesting WordPress by name, clients would be better off telling us their needs and wants, then letting us come up with the specific technology.

What have been the biggest changes in online?

Web design has definitely shifted over the last five years to a focus on content rather than gimmicky design. There’s also been a huge shift to viewing websites on mobile devices rather than the traditional desktop or laptop computer. That changes the design thinking.

You’re not the typical image of a house flipper. Where did those skills come from?

I certainly wouldn’t call myself handy, but I’m good with a paintbrush and decent at learning new things. My family combined our expertise and hired professionals where needed. I was best at organizing the projects, choosing all the finishes and the staging—basically the fun parts. Our realtor said several colleagues and clients asked who did the staging. Turns out I might be decent at this designing thing. (My own house was pretty empty of furniture and decor for the several months our houses were on the market.)


How do you walk in those heels?

No one in my extended family is over six feet tall. We’re a short bunch. I never thought I’d break five feet tall. The day I did was a tremendous relief, but at 5′ 3″-ish (on a good day), I’m still much shorter than most people. I decided to level the playing field with shoes. Over the years, I’ve gradually increased the heel height. Practice, practice, practice. Now it’s nothing to walk in 6-inch stilettos. And truthfully, some of my least comfortable shoes have shorter heels. The secret is really to find comfortable ones and wear them every day. I hurt my calf muscles in boot camp because I never wear flats. My legs were sore until I put on heels.

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