Leave trouble and baby behind with Velcro Babysitter

AA-140319_Velcro Babysitter

Our newest client puts worries and babies on hold.

When approached with such a brilliant idea, how can you resist? That’s what led to the acquisition of our newest client—the Velcro Babysitter. “Parents are sick and tired of having to pay teenagers to text their friends all night so they can live it up at bars and gambling venues,” said AcrobatAnt account supervisor and IPM manager, Cynthia Townsend.

After applying the velcro restraining sheet to the wall, the full-velcro harness is slipped over the baby. Now mom or dad can simply press the tot and trot off to the slots or knock back a few at their favorite watering hole. “The upside potential for this market is huge,” said Townsend.

The concept was originally developed by Jed Frindlebork, a local cockfighting aficionado. “I started using Velcro to hold down my prize-winning Jersey Giant. He was impossible to keep out of the henhouse. Then I thought, hey, what about babies? And Bingo – there’s your million-dollar idea,” said Frindlebork. Read full details in our press release.


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