Acrobatic… Ants

All of us here at AcrobatAnt like to think we have a little ‘Acrobat’ in us. Compare us to these acrobat skills and traits and see for yourself.

Flexibility –So acrobats can put their feet behind their heads – so what?! We can ramp up a new project or halt one in a moment’s notice.  We can meet on the client’s terms – in person, online, via email or phone. Each client manager prides themselves on managing projects in a way that each unique client would expect.

Grip – Acrobats seem to have pretty good ‘grip’ – they can grab a moving bar and not let go while flinging themselves across an arena. Well, AcrobatAnts have a pretty good grip too. We manage to hold on to our clients and not let them slip through the cracks. Most of our clients have been our clients for over 5 years – and we plan to keep our new clients for at least that long and longer. When we enter a client relationship – we are in it for the long haul. We pride ourselves in our ability to hold fast to our client relationships.

No Fear – Acrobats aren’t really scared of heights, falling or a lot of other ‘scary’ things. We also welcome some ‘scary’ things like new tools, processes and ideas. The phrase, ‘But we haven’t done it that way before’ isn’t in the AcrobatAnt language. If there is an idea or tool that makes since for our client’s goals – let’s do it! No fear!

Friends – Acrobats have to count on their team to do their job. If you can’t trust the person on the other side of the trapeze, who can you trust? AcrobatAnts are a team and we’ve learned to trust each other. The variety of experience and expertise on our team makes us stronger and more flexible. One person’s strengths spread throughout the colony, increasing everyone’s performance. While, a person’s weaknesses are minimized by their coach and team members who help improve their technique and keep them from falling off the trapeze while they learn. Acrobats are team players and so are we.

Performance – Even if an acrobatic team puts on the best show of their life, what does it matter if no one watched to critique their performance? AcrobatAnts do their job, do it well and expect to be held accountable. We make our clients happy by not only performing amazing feats of marketing, but also helping them see how the performance helped their business objectives.

So, while you (probably) won’t see us flying through the air or doing amazing feats of balance – we pride ourselves in being acrobatic. If you want to see what AcrobatAnt can do for your business, contact us today at


What’s our most frequently asked question: “Why the name “AcrobatAnt”?
Surprisingly, an acrobat ant is an actual insect – that shares some very interesting characteristics with our business model.

When an actual acrobat ant is disturbed, it runs, holding its abdomen above its thorax – looking like an acrobat walking on his/her hands.

  • Like our namesake, we at AcrobatAnt can perform some pretty amazing feats when challenged. When lesser ants choose to retreat, we strut our stuff.

Worker ants enter homes/structures via utility lines, adjacent shrubs, windows, cracks or vents.

  • AcrobatAnt is relentless in finding ways to “get in the house” – unstoppable at making sure our clients’ messages reach their intended targets.

When viewed from above, the acrobat ant’s abdomen is shaped like a heart.

  • At our core, we ♥ serving our clients. And they ♥ us right back.

Acrobat ants are extremely territorial.

  • We consider our clients members of our colony, and we guard their brands with our professional lives.

Ants are social insects.

  • “Party, party” is our motto.

Acrobat ants mate while flying.

  • We don’t really know how that applies, but if they can do that, we can do anything. And we mean “anything.”

More non-insect-related reasons for choosing the name AcrobatAnt:

  • We were originally Fireant in the late 1990s, and we’re happy to return to our ant roots.
  • Working in a colony is fun.
  • We share a unexplained fondness for picnics.
  • Being an ant is cool!