Leave trouble and baby behind with Velcro Babysitter

AA-140319_Velcro Babysitter

Our newest client puts worries and babies on hold.

When approached with such a brilliant idea, how can you resist? That’s what led to the acquisition of our newest client—the Velcro Babysitter. “Parents are sick and tired of having to pay teenagers to text their friends all night so they can live it up at bars and gambling venues,” said AcrobatAnt account supervisor and IPM manager, Cynthia Townsend.

After applying the velcro restraining sheet to the wall, the full-velcro harness is slipped over the baby. Now mom or dad can simply press the tot and trot off to the slots or knock back a few at their favorite watering hole. “The upside potential for this market is huge,” said Townsend.

The concept was originally developed by Jed Frindlebork, a local cockfighting aficionado. “I started using Velcro to hold down my prize-winning Jersey Giant. He was impossible to keep out of the henhouse. Then I thought, hey, what about babies? And Bingo – there’s your million-dollar idea,” said Frindlebork. Read full details in our press release.


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Ants pick up Best of Show and several other Addy awards

Ants and Addys just go together.

1 Little Life

The Ants carried home several Addys at the American Advertising Awards recent competition in Tulsa. Top honors included Best of Show for 1 Little Life brochure for Saint Francis Health System—showing big victories for some of the smallest patients; and a Judge’s Choice Award for the Disguise campaign for ER Extra®—a lighthearted way to deliver a serious message about strokes.


We also won Addys for a mailer with 3D glasses for Sheridan Healthcare, and our own healthcare microsite. We received Citations of Excellence for the Art in Transit Campaign, our cool capabilities mailer and the bug bus wrap for The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis.


View more of our award-winning work.

AcrobatAnt Marketing & Advertising
1336 East 15th Street Tulsa, OK 74120

AcrobatAnt Psychotic Circus Halloween Party: a frighteningly good time.

Our 2013 Halloween party will have you laughing and scared at the same time. The agency has been converted into a three-ring psychotic circus where scary clowns will perform for our guests. Our side-splitting sideshow will feature a costume contest, beer, wine and a photo booth.

Managing partner, Diane Davis, takes great pride in our annual Halloween party. Each year it gets bigger and scarier than the last. And with Psychotic Circus as our theme, you can imagine just how crazy scary it will be.

Did you know lots of folks are afraid of clowns? In fact, there’s even an official name for it—coulrophobia. So to all of our invitees—you have been warned!


AcrobatAnt Halloween 2012: Pirates, Ants and one hell of a dance.

AcrobatAnt Halloween 2012: Pirates, Ants and one hell of a dance.

We Ants hosted our biggest Halloween party last year. Our agency was transformed into a ghostly pirate galleon complete with Jolly Roger, grog and hundreds of pirates.

In the middle of the festivities, a flash mob broke out as several Ants performed a 5-minute ditty we’d rehearsed for the past few months. Thanks to Amanda Vavra who whipped us into ship-shape just for the occasion.

This year is our third annual Halloween blast and it promises to be the biggest and best yet. We Ants have chosen our theme, but you’ll just have to wait to find out. Hint—coulrophobes beware! How do you celebrate Halloween?

It’s the agency that keeps on growing.

We’re honored to be named one of Tulsa’s Fast 40 growing businesses by The Journal Record for the second year running. A few of the other honorees include Andolini’s Pizzeria (just down Cherry Street), Elote Café and Catering, MESA, M&M Manufacturing Inc., Pardee Construction and Vacuworx Global.

What’s the reason driving all of the growth here at the Ant Farm? We think it has to do with our culture. A great work environment and coworkers who treat each other like family members make for happy employees, which in turn leads to a happy culture and one of the best places to work in Tulsa.


AcrobatAnt Wins Aster Award


AcrobatAnt is proud to announce that we have received an Aster Award for our Fight/Trust/Strength campaign for Lancaster Regional Medical Center.

The Aster Awards is a medical marketing awards program that allows healthcare organizations and advertising agencies to compete against sized-based competitors from all over the world.

The Aster Awards has an annual contest allowing entries from the previous year to be scored, judged and recognized for excellence.

The Fight/Trust/Strength campaign was developed to highlight the power of Lancaster Regional Medical Center’s partnership with Penn State Hershey to form the Regional Center for Cancer Care. The goal was to create awareness of the partnership and program and to highlight the comprehensiveness of care available at the RCCC.

Several concepts were initially developed, but in the end, the client believed this concept, executed correctly, would create the most impact in market.

The Telly is in Tulsa


The Telly Awards has named AcrobatAnt as a Silver winner in the 34th Annual Telly Awards for their television spot for Oklahoma Central Credit Union titled Better Things to Do.

With nearly 11,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries, this is truly an honor.

The lighthearted commercial titled Better Things to Do combines animation with colorful, childlike drawings to let viewers know now’s the time to get a great deal on a car loan. Playfully illustrated scenes show cash on roller coasters, road trips and other vacation settings as the announcer poses the question, “What will you do with the money you save?”

The Telly Awards was founded in 1979 and is the premier award honoring outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs, the finest video and film productions, and online commercials, video and films. Winners represent the best work of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators and corporate video departments in the world.

AcrobatAnt Joins the Task Force

We’re always excited to share when our Ants are quoted in the news. Angela Lawrence, managing director and co-founder of AcrobatAnt, recently served on the Business Services Task Force—a committee dedicated to brainstorming ideas about how the City of Tulsa can more efficiently serve the needs of budding businesses. A proposal and other recommendations made by the task force will be discussed at a city council meeting in late January 2013.

AngelaAnd adopting these task force recommendations could pay off for the City of Tulsa. “Perception matters for new businesses working with the city,” Angela states in this Urban Tulsa Weekly article, “I think businesses that were looking at Tulsa as a potential place to open would see it as a business-friendly community from the beginning and have a positive attitude and be more willing to relocate to Tulsa.” Find out how Angela and the task force plan to fight for the rights of Tulsa business owners: http://www.urbantulsa.com/gyrobase/Content?oid=oid%3A56111.